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Windows Phone Alternative Marketplace - BAZAAR
« dnia: Piątek, 09 Grudzień 2011, 14:59 »
DFT rośnie w siłę. Właśnie uruchomili konkurencję dla MarketPlace (coś na wzór Cydii dla iPhona konkurencja dla AppStore). Twór nosi nazwę BAZAAR i póki co ma działać tylko na ROM-ach od team-u DFT. Twórcy jednak nie zamykają się na współpracę i w wątku na XDA piszą, żeby zgłaszały się do nich osoby posiadające inne ROM-y niż DFT, a oni rozważą możliwość uruchomienia tej aplikacji na tych ROMach. BTW jak dla mnie to naciąganie userów do działania na ROM-ach gotowanych, zobaczymy jak na to zareaguje M$.
Wątek główny:
Hi Everyone,
For a long time we've been struggling with searching forums for new applications and deploying them using our PC.

Windows Phone OS is also missing a platform for publishing new applications that cannot be released using WP Marketplace – such as Homebrew apps or application that are not complaint with Microsoft Marketplace policies (very much like IPhone’s “Cydia”).

We are happy to introduce to you a new application that we have been implementing for the past couple of weeks.

Meet Bazaar – an alternative Windows phone Marketplace.
Bazaar is an application that will allow you to browse applications by categories, share, download and install them directly within your device without the need to connect your device to your PC.

In the near future we will add more functionalities as-
• Creating an account within Bazaar
• Managing favorites applications list and the ability to download and install them as a batch process (very useful after reset/flashing new ROM version)
• Add ratings and comments for applications
• Submit new applications via Bazaar web site
• Online search in Bazaar applications repository
• And many more…

You are all welcome to suggest features that you would like to see in our future releases.

Today we are releasing a public beta that contains temporary repository of the official marketplace free applications – in order for us to see how the application and the server handles load (About 1000 applications including screenshots and information) – and of course to give you a taste of what is coming to your Windows phone soon.

In the mean time we would like to ask you – beta testers – to provide us with feedback about the application, suggestions, and all the things that comes in your mind that will help to improve Bazaar.

More importantly, we would like to ask from independent developers (and who ever knows such ) to send us information about YOUR apps – Icon, description, screenshots, categories, etc.. – so we can help getting your app to as many devices.

important notes –
• Bazaar is NOT a place to distribute “cracked” games and apps. We’re not encouraging piracy.
• FOR NOW - This application will only work while using DFT’s Custom ROM (v2 and above) as currently it is the only ROM that supports Installing XAP view IE - If you have ROMs that does support it - let us know so we can add support to your ROM's too!

Thanks to:
• DFT team for their wonderful work in making a FREE rom.
• “fiinix” (from XDA) for sharing his source code for a WP7 Web Server

BETA notes-
• When clicking install, Bazaar will only download the App and will not install it – as we don’t have the publisher’s approval yet for the BETA. It will be enabled in a couple of days when we will upload real apps.

Dear admins – Can this be a sticky for a while in order to help us to “spread the word”?

Follow us on Facebook:
Our website –
Emails –,

Lidan and Ofir.

[UPDATED 17/2/2012] - 1.1.0
1. Bazaar for PC is released! with Bazaar for PC you will be able to deploy applications to your phone even if it's only developer unlocked!
 Bazaar for PC allows automatic sync, easy access and smooth user interface to use Bazaar's repository.
2. Bazaar for Windows Phone will run on any device (interop\fully unlock are not must-to-have). If your device is able to install XAP files (fully unlocked), you will be able to do that through Bazaar for Windows Phone. but if you are not able to deploy XAP files on your phone, you need to use Bazaar for PC.
Bazaar for PC and Bazaar for Windows Phone are available for download through our website: .
Bazaar for Windows phone (XAP files) is attached to this thread as well.
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Odp: Windows Phone Alternative Marketplace - BAZAAR
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: Sobota, 18 Luty 2012, 10:13 »
Zaktualizowałem pierwszy post ponieważ wczoraj pojawiła się nowa wersja na telefon, a wraz z nią wersja na desktopy. Wszystko wygląda i działa naprawdę dobrze. Oczywiście jest to soft TYLKO dla osób posiadających odblokowane telefony.