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Wisbar Advance Desktop
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WisBar Advance Desktop

Bugs Fixed
*The analog clocks update more frequently now.
*Fixed a bug where the system would slow down frequently.
*Made a small modification to the MAPI functions to prevent disappearing accounts.
*Made an adjustment to speed up the Today plugin refresh rate.
*Fixed a bug where the theme wouldn't change properly between portrait and *landscape modes.
*Added OK and Cancel menubar entries for the Color and Font dialogs.
*Fixed a bug where the WA2 title didn't change immediately when switching back to WAD.
*Made a change to attempt to get PhoneAlarm to work better.
*Fixed a bug where the registration dialog could cause the system to lock.
*When creating a new Today plugin, the vertical position will default to the next *available position on the screen.
*Fixed several bugs in the dialogs where the OK and Cancel buttons didn't work.
*Added the ability to add text underneath button objects.
*Fixed a bug where the theme converter would drop the wallpaper.
*The default themes now install properly.
*Made an adjustment in the email/sms checking routines.
*If a today plugin somehow loses what page it's supposed to be on, it will be *displayed on the "desktop" page.
*Fixed an issue that caused some random crashes.


Desktop Installer
CAB WM5.0 devices
CAB WM2003, WM2003SE devices
CAB PocketPC 2002 devices

Beta: Version

*Added two new text variables: %GMT12:<offset>% and %GMT24:<offset>%. *These variables will display the time offset from GMT in 12-hour or 24-hour *format. For example, to display the time in MST (GMT-7), you would use the *following format:
*Added a text variable to display the number of missed calls: %MissedCalls%
*Added a text object type of "Missed Calls".
Bugs Fixed
*Fixed a bug where shortcuts would disappear.
*Fixed a bug where items would be duplicated when creating a new virtual page.
*Fixed a bug with the "Hide all docks" action.
*Fixed a bug where buttons on a dock did not display their pressed states.

Download the latest build from here:
Desktop Installer
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 2003
PocketPC 2002

Nowa wersja beta: 1.2 build 10

What's New in 1.2 build 10

Keystrokes not recognized by WAD are now forwarded to the builtin Today screen in an attempt to allow Treo buttons to work properly
In previous builds, any keystrokes that WAD didn't recognize were "eaten" by the program. This broke a lot of customizations made by the OEMs (the Treo devices being a prime example). WAD now forwards those buttons to the builtin today screen now. Hopefully this will alleviate some of these issues (without a Treo to test with, I can't say for sure).

Added a pressed state image for shortcuts
Just like with the buttons, shortcuts that are not using the default icon can now specify a "pressed" state image.

Added a "%NextAppt%" variable for text objects to display the time and subject for the next appointment for today
I think this is self-explanatory.

Fixed a bug in the two-state buttons where, if the images were not the same size, they would not update properly

Fixed a bug where the SMS and Inbox accounts would be cleared on WM5 devices
This fix only applies to WM5 and later devices. Instead of attempting to read the folders manually, I can now query the OS for the unread count of the builtin folders: ActiveSync, SMS and MMS.

On WM5 devices, the Missed Call count should be more accurate
I recently found a registry key that WAD now reads for this information. For WM2003 users, the functionality remains unchanged.

Cleared up some artifacts left over when dragging buttons with text
When dragging buttons with text around, they should not be leaving stray pixels on the screen.

The analog clocks now handle timezones that shift the minutes as well as the hours
When I originally added the timezone information to the analog clocks, I was unaware of timezones that shifted the minutes instead of just the hours. This appears to work correctly now.

Text on the buttons now wraps to multiple lines

The text objects now update a bit more reliably
The unread count and the upcoming appointment and task counts now update properly.

Fixed a bug in the notification system
This is really just half of the problem with the notifications. For this to work properly, you must be running WisBar (the latest beta). The system that communicates the notifications between the two applications has been changed. To this end, a new version of WisBar Lite will be forthcoming as well.

Fixed the copying of docks
Docks weren't copying properly on previous builds. Now, when a dock is copied, the contents are copied and the dock is renamed to "Copy of <name of dock>" The copied docks also now appear to work on the correct virtual page.

Fixed a crash that occurred when changing the device's orientation
This was mostly due to how the Today plugins were handled. I recently poured over the OS's implementation and implemented something similar.

Fixed a bug on PPC2002 devices where the browse button for the analog clock object didn't work

Fixed the z-ordering of pinned items
The "Bring to Front" and "Send to Back" options didn't seem to do anything on pinned items. Also, when pinning an item, it appeared to always pin that item on top. This has all been corrected.

Fixed a bug where the page order for buttons that switch between pages wasn't being preserved correctly

If the user needs to use # in a phone number shortcut, that number can now be wrapped in quotes
For example: "*86,#1234"
The quotes are necessary because otherwise everything after the # will be dropped. This is due to the way the .ini reader handles comments.

The "Tap Action" for a custom text object will now allow the user to input text beyond the edge of the box
I was previously unaware that it wouldn't let you type more characters than could be seen in the box.
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Odp: Wisbar Advance Desktop
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Odp: Wisbar Advance Desktop
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a gdzie szukać takich elementów jak docki czy innych klocków jak się chce samemu coś zbudować?
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