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[ZTE Blade] Japanese Jellyfish RLS9
« dnia: Piątek, 01 Kwiecień 2011, 23:19 »
Moim zdaniem najlepszy rom z Froyo dla Blade'a. Zrobiony na bazie romu z japońskiej wersji Blade'a - Softbank 003Z przez kalt_kaffe z

Screenów nie zamieszczam ze względu na to że rom wygląda jak zwykły Froyo bez żadnych nakładek UI.

Słów kilka o instalacji i dostępnych paczkach. Otóż standardowo rom jest w postaci paczki zip instalowanej przez recovery. Dodatkowo jest tzw. wersja image, która repartycjonuje pamięć ROM, dzięki czemu system zajmuje niespełna 120mb, a na własne aplikacje mamy 100mb więcej pamięci w stosunku do zwykłej wersji (260 zamiast 160mb). Ponadto dostępne są różnorakie paczki, które poniżej opiszę w skrócie razem z linkami do downloadu.

Normalna paczka zip, do instalacji pod recovery.

Paczka repartycjonująca (image, zawiera również system).

Kernel z podkręconą szyną AHB* o 50% powyżej 600MHz prędkości procesora.

Dodatek włączający sprzętową akcelerację.

Dodatek zmieniający wskaźnik baterii na okrągły z procentami.

Dodatek zamieniający standardowy alarm na aplikację Deskclock.

Dodatek zmieniający kolor klawiatury z pomarańczowej na niebieską.

Dodatek zmieniający fabryczny dialer na Smartdialer.

Dodatek podmieniający kontakty.

Kernel z włączonym RDS'em w radiu (włącznie ze zmodyfikowaną aplikacją).

Jak wyżej, ale z podkręconym AHB.

*AHB - mówiąc ogólnie, jest to magistrala przesyłająca dane między procesorem a innymi podzespołami (układ graficzny, pamięć RAM, itp.). Jej podkręcenie zwiększa wydajność.


1. Wszystkie paczki poza image instalujemy poprzez recovery.
2. Jeśli chcemy zainstalować rom ze zmienionym układem partycji, należy odpowiednią paczkę zip rozpakować, folder image wrzucić na kartę pamięci, następnie wyłączyć telefon i włączyć go kombinacją klawiszy: power on+menu+vol up, trzymając aż pojawią się zielone napisy. Instalowanie trwa kilka minut, po czym telefon powinien włączyć się z nowym romem. Uwaga, po instalacji należy usunąć z karty folder image!!
3. Należy pamiętać że gdy wgramy paczkę zmieniającą układ partycji, nie da się zainstalować romów zajmujących więcej niż 120mb. Aby powrócić do normalnego układu partycji, należy wykonać krok 2. ale korzystając z poniższego folderu image:

RDS Radio update - 2011-02-24
New kernel with Andorko's RDS modifications.
Andorko's FMRadio version 0.6. More info here:
If you feel this update to JJ is worth a donation then please send them to Andorko, the RDS thing is his work:

RLS9 -2011-01-24
Compiled 2.2 versions of Contacts and ContactsProvider from AOSP source. Fixes join/split of contacts but you'll lose group support and the ZTE dialer codes. Use addon if you prefer the old versions.
Changed automatic brightness to go as dark as the Chinese 2.2 build.
Fixed charging LED to work like in 2.1 builds.
Added IPv6 privacy options to /system/bin/ Edit if you for some reason do not want this.
Added examples on how to set min and max frequency in (for advanced users).
Replaced Mms.apk and SpareParts.apk with versions I compiled from AOSP source. (propably no difference at all)
Fixed the original FM Radio problem in kernel and re-added the original ZTE FM Radio app (unmodified version).
RLS8 - 2011-01-18
Added VoiceSearch as it is not available in Market for some.
Added CIFS support to kernel.
Added a non-renamed Gingerbread keyboard (stolen from a Nexus AOSP build) so it's now called "AndroidKeyboard".
Signed everthing connected to framework-res.apk, Contacts.apk and Mms.apk with AOSP platform certs. This makes life eaiser for themers.
Enabled standard Dialer in Contacts.
Removed SmartDialer.apk.
Updated Mms.apk with the version from the now released Chinese V880 ROM (previously used Mms.apk from leaked V880 ROM).
Disabled AGPS by default. Not sure it makes a difference to turn it on and it seems to provoke some "Connection cannot be made" if enabled.
SmartDialer and RLS7 version of Contacts.apk (without dialer) as an addon.
Blue-ish Gingerbread keyboard as addon (using a selected part of modifications found here.
Updated RA recovery.img in "image" install (TPT) to Sebastian404s latest version.
Post RLS7 fixes (attached)
Facebook sync fixed
RLS7 - 2011-01-13
gps.conf back to pre-RLS6 version
resolv.conf removed (don't think it was used anyway and have only seen it in CM releases)
VPN menus enabled in Settings.
Automatic time setting enabled in Settings.
Signal indicators fixed (using same levels as in ZTE 2.1 ROMs)
Original Alarm clock back (has more options) but can be replaced with Desk Clock through addon if DeskClock is preferred.
Stock Filer app back as it can be good to have a simple file manager in place.
Removed lots of lib connected to the iwnnime (japanese IME) that was removed erlier. (Size of system is now below 120Mb)
Changed HH.MM time display to HH:MM in Danish, Norwegian and Finnish language files.
Added more PPP options in kernel (for VPN).
Circle battery indicator is no longer the default but can be added as an addon.
Added Sebastians RA recovery (with CM colors) to the "image" install as it supports EXT4 and also the addons needs a recovery image.
I'm sorry but it is NOT resigned with test keys as I promised it would be. I'm afraid resigning everything with testkeys can lead to problems when updates to "stock" apps like Gmail and Market arrives. This needs to be investigated further before testsigning the release.
Post RLS6 fixes (attached)
Fixed gps.conf
RIL libs for Saunalahti users to stop it from appearing to be roaming when it's not.
Added Gmail back as it seems to missing in Market for some people.
Replaced AlarmClock.apk with DeskClock.apk.
Added resolv.conf with Googles public DNS-servers.
Added Googles SUPL host in gps.conf.
Disabled hardware GUI as eat seems to eat battery (enable with addon if you want it)
Changed wifi scan interval from 15 to 180 seconds (saves battery).
Updated apns-conf.xml with some changes found in CM 6.1.
Enabled EXT4 and PPP in kernel and changed kernel to use LZMA compressed initrd.
Removed the built in Japanese voicemail numbers.
Removed recovery.img from "image" install so that it doesn't overwrite any previously installed recovery images.
Removed the hacked "stock" FM Radio and updated Andorko's version to 0.5.
No more bloating, only one super-slimmed version that fits on 128Mb system partition (more info and instructions will come later)
New kernel with overclocking support (Use SetCPU)
Added swap and compcache support.
Compiled and added tun.ko for the new kernel.
Re-added Google Search box.
Replaced MMS app with version from the chinese leaked ROM which supports adding multiple recipients.
Replaced and with versions from the Swedish Comviq ROM (previously used versions from the Finnish Saunlahti ROM).
(Saunalahti users should use the attached update so that it doens't look like it's roaming)[/url]
Now also works without SIM cards (thanks to MDCFan)
No bootlogo, keeps Splash screen until bootanimation starts. Saves space in ramdisk and splash is rather easy to replace yourself compared to replacing the bootlogo.
Removed Nexus bootanimation and uses the default Android flashing logo.
Added ADW Launcher
Added Emulator ROMs
Added VM Heap tool (and changed VM Heap size back to the default 24Mb as you can now easily change it yourselves)
Turned off Stagefright. Stagefright are a new set of media decoders in 2.2 but they are broken in our release which is why it doubles the Quadrant Scores. It doesn't make the phone faster, just the benchmarks and it's just a illusion.
Changed default wallpaper.
Made a super-slim lite version that fits well within a 128Mb system partition (see "Partition layout change" thread and this post for more info.)
Removed and as suggested by Flibb to get rid of the random mp3 playing issues.
Put the new Settings.apk and SettingsProvider.apk into the right place so this time Tethering and Assisted GPS controls should be there.
(native)Wifi Hotspot
USB tethering (mobile data or Wifi)
Enabled AGPS and the checkbox to control it.
Replaced Home Switcher with Froyo version
Included both working Radio apps (thanks to MDCFan and Andorko
Jellyfish got missing after a tragic misunderstanding at a sushi bar and have been replaced with green android and nexus bootanimation.
Updated Linpack to latest version.
IMPORTANT! The themes likely needs to be updated to support RLS3 or they will disable Wifi hotspot and usb tethering through wifi. Usb tethering over through mobile data should still work though.Frankish! The file that is chaned in framework-res.apk is res/values/arrays.xml. You can propably just get the whole resources.rsc from my framework-res.apk and put it into your framework-res.apk files. Just remeber to NOT use compression on the resources.rsc. Use WinRAR and choose "Store" when you add it.

The USIM error on unlocked phones is now gone (thansk to MDCFan)
The Japanese extra call dialogue that some people experienced is gone.
Circle battery indicator
Removed APNDroid as it is obsolete with the new Power control widget.
Updated Titanium Backup
Removed the CKPD-daemon
Added Spare Parts
Cleaned ROM from branding, custom contacts, bookmarks etc...
Added most of the extra stuff from Finnish Fillyjonk (Launcher Pro etc...)
Upgraded several Google apps and Market.
Unlocked all languages
Added Gingerbread Keyboard and made it the default IME.
Added Wifi tethering app as this kernel, as opposed to the 2.1 kernel, seems to have the needed netfilter stuff enabled.
Enabled hardware GUI accelleration, stagefright etc...

Znane problemy:
-zdarza się, że Superuser się zawiesza przy nadawaniu praw roota jakiejś aplikacji. Należy wtedy tą aplikację ubić jakimś task killerem i ponownie uruchomić.
-w Playu, w przypadku korzystania z nadajników Plusa, telefon będzie krzyczał że jest w roamingu, aby korzystać z transmisji danych w tym czasie, należy włączyć transmisję w roamingu w ustawieniach.

Uwaga!! Rom nie jest mojego autorstwa. Nie odpowiadam za jakiekolwiek uszkodzenia związane z nieumiejętnym wgrywaniem którejkolwiek z paczek!!
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